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FUJIFILM Digital Camera X-PRO1 Body[Special Deal] Free – SD Card 16GB untuk produk FUJIFILM Digital Camera X-PRO1 Body

16.3 Megapixels, APS-C 23.6 x 15.6mm X-Trans CMOS Sensor, Full HD (1920×1080), SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I) Card Slot, 3.0″ LCD Monitor, Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, Ultra Sonic Vibration Sensor Cleaning, Fujifilm X Mount Lens Mount

Diskripsi Produk FUJIFILM Digital Camera X-PRO1 Body:

  • APS-C 16M “X-Trans CMOS”
    • Developed to take advantage of the exceptional resolution of the XF lens, a revolutionary new sensor inspired by film.
    • Moiré is tackled at its root cause by the innovative color filter array of the new sensor. By enhancing the aperiodicity (randomness) in the array arrangement, the color filter minimizes the generation of moire and false colors, eliminating the necessity for an optical low-pass filter in the lens and enabling the sensor to capture the full “unfiltered” resolution and descriptive quality of the XF lens.
  • FUJINON Interchangeable “XF LENS” and Original “X Mount”
    • XF Lens : Designed especially for the X-Pro1, the FUJINON XF Lens series promises enhanced resolution and light volume in image edge areas as well as reduced chromatic aberration for exceptional image quality. Featuring an all-glass aspherical lens and other elements, the lens is polished to perfection and treated with Super EBC coating. Holding the high-quality metal barrel and operating the precision-machined 1/3-step aperture ring is a sensation that fires the desire to capture every scene. For photographers who seek the peak of photographic excellence, FUJIFILM raises the curtain on a new era of interchangeable lenses and unveils a premium lineup of 3 single-focal length lenses. ( Lens XF18mmF2 R, XF35mmF1.4 R, XF60mmF2.4 R Macro)
    • X Mount : To exploit every photon of the exceptional descriptive performance of these new lenses, an original lens mount has been specially designed for X-Pro1. The reinforced mount ring is remarkably thin – approximately 2.5mm – further improving X-Pro1’s slim profile when the lens is mounted. Using a 10 pin system, the lens instantly sends information to the camera body through the lens mount, making the lenses work seamlessly with the body and letting the photographer concentrate on what is really important – beautiful photographic expression.
  • Hybrid Multi Viewfinder
    • Featuring the freedom to switch between an optical and electronic viewfinder, the Hybrid Viewfinder has evolved to meet the challenge of interchangeable lenses. When an XF series lens is mounted, lens data are communicated to X-Pro1, and viewfinder magnification (2 types) and frame size (multiple steps) are automatically switched. Peering through the viewfinder with all your attention focused on the subject. This simple style of shooting is the both the first step back to the essential pleasure of photography. Every lens change reveals a new world of beauty to capture. ( Optical Viewfinder (OVF), Perfectly Frame and Preview Your Shot with the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF), Magnifying System)
  • Design and Accessories
    • Enhance the X-Pro1’s functionality and beauty with made-to-measure accessories.
  • Color Reproduction of Fujifilm
    • Color Expression with Film Simulation – Just Like Choosing the Ideal Photo Film (“Studio Ready” Professional Color Negative Film Modes for Perfect Portraits, Reproduce Photo Film Expression with Film Simulation Mode, Enhance Monochrome Expression with Color Filters)
    • Add a New Dimension to Photographic Expression with Multiplex Exposure
    • Selection of 4 Powerful Auto Bracketing Functions (AE Bracketing, ISO Sensitivity Bracketing, Dynamic Range Bracketing, Film Simulation Bracketing)
  • Key Features of X-Pro1
    • High Performance LCD Monitor ( Approx. 1,230,000 Dots of High Resolution. Special Coating with Surface Reflectivity Under 0.2%*, Q (Quick Menu) Button for Fast Shooting Menu Settings, Swift Menu Page Selection and Scroll-free Navigation Within Each Page
    • In-camera RAW Converter
    • Focusing ( Selectable AF with a 49-point Metering Matrix, 0.05-sec Shutter Time Lag Even Shooting with the EVF, High-speed Auto Focus Achieved by Lens-Sensor Synergy, 2 Manual Focusing Methods, AF Assist Lamp for Low-Light Scenes)
    • White Balance Setting ( Color Temperature (Kelvin Value) Setting, Precise White Balance Setting)
    • ISO100-25600 Sensitivity Setting Range (ISO Auto Setting)
    • Image Quality Control (Color, Tone & Sharpness Adjustment, 2 Color Space Types, Noise Reduction Control)
    • 6fps High Speed Continuous Shooting
    • Motion Panorama : Capture Panorama Shots and Show Them in Stunning Large-size Prints


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